About us and our products

REVAMPprodars_web.jpg Inspiration behind the designs… “Designing the next generation of vintage.” The inspirations for the creations come from classic cars, cool cocktails and fabulous cultural icons. The designs pay homage to the best in pop culture. Every handbag has a story about the inspiration and the kind of Gal that would carry it. “While designing, I think about the type of girl that would like the particular inspiration and think of a story that represents her personality. Then I make sure the handbag or item is something she would like to carry.” Every detail from this inspiration is considered & comes to life in the design. For example, the color of the handbag matching the color of a cocktail, or the lines of the bag matching the lines of a car it is honoring.

Product Details…

  • Attention to classic standards of quality. deluxe_grp_websize.jpg
  • Built to last 50 years, like vintage was.
  • All items Handcrafted in USA.
  • Only highest grade of leather & fabric used.
  • Only the finest in hardware used. All made in USA. Except when better quality can be imported from Italy.
  • All items have custom charms & hardware made by Eldorado Club Int.
  • As much effort goes into fabulous linings as does the outside.
  • Each handbag has a silver number plate for authenticity & collect-ability value.
  • All handbags have a pink & black “hand made in USA” label inside as well as the logo label.
  • Most bags are fully padded inside, where suits design.
  • Most bags come with lined zipper pouch with sterling silver charm, where suits design.
  • All bags come with a drawstring linen dust bags for careful storage.


Join the Club…

  When an item is purchased, you will have the opportunity to register yourself as the proud owner of a “Revamp Productions Original.” Giveaways and all kinds of fun possibilities will await you! See Join the Club page for more details.

Revamp Productions…

Purses for those not satisfied with the ordinary…

Couture Handbags for the Fabulous! 080221 join the club top photo web size.jpg

 Revamp Productions was founded by two friends who shared a passion for vintage glamour & classic kitsch style. With similar career backgrounds in costume design, ranging from feature film work to designing for bands, it was in the cosmos for these gals to join forces and create together. What started as a hobby for two friends has now become a full time passion for one. Jennifer has grown Revamp Productions from selling in a few American boutiques into selling all over the world. She has a created quite a following including various celebrities and bands. She is also known to occasionally cater to the film industry including custom bags for feature films. Her bags have become considered status symbols in many circles.

Using inspirations from the past, Jen likes to put a new spin on things... to truly Revamp them. It started with handbags and shoes, but there is a lot more up her sleeves. She has just launched a sterling silver vintage charm bracelet line as well as Pinky Lee, a sleek line of make up bags & coin purses. Her love of classic cars, vintage fashions and décor, anything from the 1920’s to early 1960’s, has really shown though in her designs. The designs range from small quantity runs to custom one-of-a -kind creations.

 “I adore people that truly live with style, and make no bones about their roots or culture. For these JEN_w_her_54_Cadillac_web.jpgfabulous people, life is more like a stage show… a couple notches up from normal life. They aren’t afraid to express themselves. I hope to help continue the lifestyle by creating items that would be enjoyed by the culture conscious.”

“A ladies handbag should be as fabulous as the gal that is carrying it. Purses, like vintage cars, can be works of art. I hope to help bring back an appreciation for the creativity and craftsmanship of the past. All items are made in America by local craftsmen and artists with attention to classic standards of quality.”

“Our mission is to develop items that are unmatched by the norm. I promise to deliver the highest quality with attention to every detail.”

Because life’s too short not to love your purse!